Tauranga News: Thursday 18 November 2010

TCC Understands What Late Payment Means
A massive lump sum collected from Warrant of Fitness and Registration fines in Tauranga has finally been paid to the Crown, after a nine year lapse. According to reports only half of the country's towns appear to pay instant fine revenue - even though 50 percent of it is retained by each council. Tauranga City Council up until October, hadn't made any payments since legislation first passed back in 2001. Financial Controller Paul Davidson says they have made a one off payment of over one million dollars and plans are in place to make sure it doesn't accumulate to that excess again.He says they will make a payment to the Police National Headquarters once the figure reaches $100-thousand dollars.

Tauranga top city for car damage
Tauranga is the worst place in the country to park your car and AA believe it's because of the city's popularity. A new AA Insurance survey shows you're 247 percent more likely to have your car damaged while parked in the Bay of Plenty city. AA deputy general manager Martin Fox says as the weather gets better Tauranga's population swells. He says at the same time Christmas shoppers are out and about.

Bay of Plenty Hospitals Investigate Lower Beds
A report into serious and fatal mistakes in hospitals this year has revealed two patients who suffered a fall in a Bay of Plenty hospital, later died because of the injury. The Health Policy and Safety Commission says there were seven falls during 2009 and 2010. Bay of Plenty District Health Board says one of its top priorities will be safety around falls. A trial of low beds has also commenced.

Infected Kiwifruit vines a concern
Bay of Plenty Regional Council is searching for sites where infected kiwifruit vines can be disposed of. Disease Psa has spread outside of Te Puke onto orchards. Spokesman Warwick Murray says they'll be setting up an air-curtain incinerator in the outskirts of Tauranga but could bury infected vines deep underground.

Fishing Night Patrol coming soon
Nighttime fishermen are warned to only take their fair share of fish. Ministry of Fisheries Officers will begin night-patrol soon, at boat ramps throughout the Bay of Plenty. Senior Fisheries Officer Gary McAneny says there is a lot more fish to catch at the change of light. He says they'll be on hand to check boats.

Posted: Thu 18 Nov 2010






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