Thursday 21 October 2010

Beached Launch a ‘Write Off’
Rabbit IslandThe owner of a luxury launch that washed onto a Mt Maunganui beach says he spent the entire day working through exhaustion. The three occupants onboard the 53 foot launch sent a mayday on Tuesday night after crashing into rocks near Rabbit Island. Dozens were keeping the 20 ton boat from fully submerging before hauling it up straight, using a tractor and diggers. Bay of Plenty Harbour Master Karl Magazinovic says it's a write off - as it has a big gaping hole on the port side, and the windows have been knocked in. Karl Magazinovic says it can not be re-floated. And a warning has been sent by the Port of Tauranga to boats travelling at night time. There's reports the three occupants were motoring on autopilot before crossing the path of a container ship. Operations Manager Nigel Drake says to be extra vigilant and to be careful on the water at night.

Schools Warned of ‘Arson Season’
A fire damaged classroom. Archive photoThe Fire Service is warning Bay of Plenty schools they're entering ‘arson season’ and should be taking steps to improve their fire safety. The number of fires at schools almost doubles in the weeks around Guy Fawkes Day, the 5th of November. Fire Investigation and Arson Reduction National Manager, Peter Wilding says in general, schools are four times more likely to be targeted by fire-setters than other buildings.

Tsunami Exercise Highlights Comms Issue
Civil Defence is happy it's highlighted issues that need to be addressed in order to be better prepared for an emergency. A training exercise yesterday between the Bay of Plenty regional, city and district councils saw a fake tsunami hit the region. Spokesman Greg Wilson says communication needs close attention - especially with staff who aren't habitually employed in civil defence.

Be Bold, Go Bald
A big group of Mt Maunganui school students and teachers have taken a bold step and had their heads shaved to spotlight young people with cancer. Canteen is this week appealing to the community to take part in its bandanna challenge - its annual fundraiser. To spotlight the charity, 15 students and two teachers at Mt Maunganui College gathered for the shave.

Plans to Reinstate Damaged Pou
One of the damaged Pou. Photo/NZTAThe New Zealand Transport Agency hopes the Maori carvings attacked by a chainsaw near between Rotorua and Tauranga will be back up by Christmas. Police are continuing investigations into the attack on the two pou on State Highway 36 earlier this month. NZTA Regional Director Harry Wilson says the aim is to have them back in their rightful place before Christmas.

Never Leave Cooking Unattended – Fire Service
Archive photoThe fire service is urging residents to never leave cooking unattended. It's after an incident at Gate Pa yesterday where a house was completely smoked because of a pot left on a gas stove, cooking eggs. Senior Station Officer Mark Keller says the house was locked up, and they had to get in through the window to prevent any damage. He says it's the same old message - but an important one to remember.

Posted: Thu 21 Oct 2010






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