Friday 8 October 2010

Man Who Shot at Police Jailed
A Tauranga man involved in an aggravated robbery and police pursuit where an officer was fired at, has been jailed for 3 years on top of his current sentence. Pehi Te Rangi has been convicted on one charge in the Tauranga District Court for using a firearm against an enforcement officer. He was described as the ‘getaway’ driver after a robbery of a service station that involved two others. Te Rangi was caught speeding shortly afterwards and police attempted to pull him over - but had to abandon the pursuit when shot at with a solid lead pellet. Judge Harding says it's had a significant affect on the police officer who was unarmed and completely vulnerable.

East Coast Man Sentenced over Stabbing
An East Coast man who stabbed his cousin during a scuffle, puncturing his lung and nicking his spinal cord has been sentenced to two years and two months in prison. Charlie Williams has been convicted on one charge of wounding with intent in the Tauranga District Court. The Whakatane student who suffers from diminished eyesight, took a knife from his house after an argument with the victim and went to apologise but a physical fight ensued back in June. The victim has since lost 50 percent of feeling in his legs and requires ongoing treatment. Judge Harding says his offending has had a devastating impact on his Whanau and several families present in court wept when his sentence was read.

P Addicted Skateboarder Convicted
Archive photoA P addict who had international success as a skateboarder has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. Curtiss Osborne has been convicted on two charges in the Tauranga District Court after he was found with $50,000 worth of methamphetamine back in May. The Mount Maunganui man describes himself a greedy fool with a drug addiction and was initially living ‘the lifestyle of the rock star’ when he was introduced to drugs overseas as a professional skateboarder. Judge Harding says his involvement in selling the Class A drug was motivated by addiction - he fed his habit and generated profit for those ‘higher up in the chain’.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Residents are warned of sleeping with bed bugs as we head into the warmer months. A growing number of people are experiencing bed bugs in their homes, especially in the Bay of Plenty. Pest Control firm Kiwicare Corporation's David Brittain says it's case of looking at the bed, the seams of a mattress and even going as far as taking the legs off and looking in there. He says travellers should be extra cautious as that's where they can be picked up.

Election Wait Soon Over
There's only one more day until Tauranga residents will find out who's been elected to run the city. A slew of voting papers have been received by post in the last couple of days taken the total voting to just over 27 thousand people. That's now down 5 per cent down on three years ago.

Posted: Fri 08 Oct 2010






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