Thursday 7 October 2010

Shooting Incident Guilty Plea
Tauranga District CourtA Tauranga man who shot another with a sawn off rifle has pleaded guilty to three charges. Rikki-Lee Grimstrup-Corbett has appeared in the Tauranga District Court after a physical altercation outside his home, back in August. The 23 year old shot the victim in the thigh when he attempted to enter his home. The victim fled on foot to a house nearby, and required surgery to remove the round that was protruding from his leg. Police later searched Grimstrup-Corbett's house and found a coffin with 18 tinnies inside. Judge Harding denied bail and remanded him in custody until sentencing.

Near Drowning Prompts Warning
Caution when entering the water. Archive photoResidents taking an early leap into the water this spring need to be extra cautious while lifeguards remain off duty. It's after a near drowning at Omanu beach on Tuesday afternoon when a 15 year old boy was pulled to safety by a member of the public. Surf Lifesaving New Zealand spokesman Kurt Wilson says volunteer lifeguards start Labour weekend and until then, swimmers need to take a buddy, and swim in populated areas. He says if you're in a floatable device, a life jacket is a must, as light inflatables can often be swept to sea from offshore winds

Fire Destroys Classic Car
Archive photoA Classic Car business says it's picking up the pieces after a fire tore through its shop, destroying an irreplaceable prized Triumph. Firefighters were called to the blaze around 3.30 yesterday morning, when a fire broke out in the compartment of a car. Owner Neville Lucas says three Classic Cars he'd been restoring have been badly damaged - and a 1972 Triumph has been destroyed. They've started the mammoth cleanup but it'll take a while to get them back up and running.

Maori Skeleton Postcard Listed on TradeMe
Mount Main Beach as it is todayA 1911 postcard bearing a photo of Maori skeletons uncovered after a storm along Mount Main Beach, is being sold on TradeMe. It's fetching for $175 dollars and depicts a Maori burial place during the wars with England. The seller claims the same image has been seen only once at a museum.


Cellphone Habits Die Hard
Archive photoIt appears to be a case of old habits die hard for some Bay of Plenty motorists. Police in the region are noticing a rise in the number of people reverting to using their handheld cellphones while driving - nearly a year after the practice was banned. Bay of Plenty Road Policing Manager Kevin Taylor says while there was a significant drop in use when the law came into effect, old habits are creeping back. He says enforcement remains the same.

Posted: Thu 07 Oct 2010






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