Friday 17 September 2010

'Deadly Game’ Kills Young Boy
Archive photoThe Bay of Plenty Coroner says it went horribly wrong for a young boy who died attempting the ‘choking game’. The twelve year old was found dead in his room, with a saxophone strap around his neck, over a year ago. At an inquest police revealed the boy's friends had seen other classmates attempt to make each other faint through choking with a noose. His mother describes the boy as very intelligent, and says they have reason to believe he had never played the deadly game before. She warns nobody is exempt from what their family has gone through and says education is key to prevent any more tragedies. Coroner Wallace Bain has adjourned the hearing but wishes the details of the teenager’s death to be published in hope to educate others. A Tauranga School Principal says it's likely they'll be addressing the dangers of choking games. Otumoetai Intermediate Principal Hank Popping says he's sure if it's something that needs to be made aware of in schools - they'll be having a talk with students.

Home Invasion Upsets Children
Tauranga police are searching for two men who broke into a house with a screw driver and metal pipe, then attacked the male occupant when he went to investigate. The man suffered numerous cuts and bruising to his face, before his attackers ran off. Detective Sergeant Eddie Lyttle says it's disturbing as three children aged from 9 to 15 were awoken by the assault, causing them distress. He says the motive for breaking in is unclear. Police are looking for two Maori males one wearing a dark green balaclava, and the other wearing a grey hoodie.

Mother Warns of Sharing Bed With Baby
Archive photoA Mt Maunganui mother who lost her young baby when he was sleeping in the same bed, is warning others not to make the same mistake. An inquest was held yesterday in Tauranga into the death of a four month old baby who was found co-sleeping with his parents. A pathologist report ruled the death was due to anatomically obscure causes, and findings were consistent with asphyxia. His mother Louisa says they'd never make the same mistake again.

Tsunami Warning Blanket Coverage ‘Impossible’
Bay of Plenty's Civil Defence says they'd count on the community to spread the warning of a Tsunami, if one ever hit. It's after enquiries made by residents in Cherrywood who were concerned they wouldn't be able to hear sirens from the coast. Spokesman Alan Pearce says they've got a raft of warning measures - and use the radio first and foremost to spread the word. He says they're proposing to install a public siren network but that would be limited to the coastal strip. Mr Pearce says it's impossible for a blanket coverage but they have several plans, including a helicopter flyover.

Fish Seller Sentenced
Archive photoA Maketu man convicted of illegally selling fish in several licensed premises in Rotorua has been sentenced to nine months home detention and community work. Norman Evan Reid has had to forfeit around 35 thousand dollars worth of property used to commit the offences, to the Crown. That includes two vehicles, a small boat and a large smokehouse. The 57 year old unemployed man was observed by Fishery Officers selling fish and other seafood inside licensed premises and in car parks. Ministry of Fisheries spokesman Brendon Mikkelsen says those who bought fish or other seafood from Reid face prosecution. He says peopole who buy fish in these circumstances are encouraging fish poaching, threatening fish stocks.

Voting Paper Delivery Starts
Those registered to vote will be receiving their papers in the mail for the local body elections in the next few days. All papers are expected to be delivered by next Wednesday. Residents are reminded they need to return them before the cut off date - noon October 9th - the Official Election Day. Electoral Officer Warwick Lampp is reminding voters Jill Parry has withdrawn from Mayoralty and any votes for her on the voting paper will be invalid.

Yantai Delegation in Town
Tauranga’s sister city, YantaiA delegation from Yantai, along with the President of Orient Ocean Ltd, will be visiting Tauranga today. Mayor Stuart Crosby will be officially welcoming them with a dinner for invited business leaders. It's an opportunity to further current negotiations relating to seafood processing in the city and Aquaculture joint ventures in Opotiki.


Wet and Windy Weekend Ahead
It's not looking good for a weekend outdoors. According to Head Weather Analyst Philip Duncan rain will continue to fall today and tomorrow. He says the region is going to be battered with unpleasant weather, from a small low.

Posted: Fri 17 Sep 2010






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