Tuesday 10 August 2010

Man Injured in Mauao Fall
MauaoA Tauranga contractor who fell from the top of Mount Maunganui is lucky to be alive. The 63 year old was working on walking paths and steps near the summit when his high powered wheel barrow tipped over, taking him with it. He plummeted 30 metres sustaining injuries to his face, eye, arm, leg and abdomen. It took emergency services nearly two hours to reach him, stretcher him to the top, and airlift him to hospital. Hospital spokeswoman Diana Maryett says he is lucky his injuries aren't worse, and was stable on arrival.

Kiwifruit Spraying Causes Concern
Kiwifruit orchardsBay of Plenty residents will be camped outside Zespri headquarters this week in protest against the use of hazardous Hi-Cane for kiwifruit spraying. There's been public concern of the health affects from being exposed to the active ingredient, hydrogen cyanide. The spray is used between July and September to promote bud-break underpinning the prosperity of most of the Bay's kiwifruit growers. But protest organiser Tania Davies who owns an organic Kiwifruit farm, says they're already suffering as many children have been sick after coming in contact with the poison.

20 Million Dollar Plant Depends on Crafar Farms Purchase
Port of TaurangaA Chinese dairy company looking to invest in a plant in Tauranga wants access to the country's largest port. Natural Diary Holdings is backing the purchase of 16 Crafar dairy farms and now wants to open a 20 million dollar plant in Tauranga. The Tauranga plant's dependent on whether the company gets approval to buy the Crafar farms. Company spokesman Bill Ralston says it was an easy choice settling on Tauranga. He says Tauranga has top infrastructure, is close enough to the Crafar farms and has a large port at its doorstep.

Willow St Roadworks Expected to Finish on Schedule
RoadworksThere's still a couple more weeks of roadworks along Willow Street. Tauranga City Council says they're hoping to open the street to one-way traffic and open temporary car parking spaces shortly. Spokesperson Meagan Holmes says the works are progressing well, and are expected to finish on schedule. She warns there will be roadworks at the intersection of Hamilton Street today - and it will be closed from time to time. The remaining works involve finishing off footpaths, minor service connections and final road surfacing. Meanwhile expect traffic delays this morning in Bethlehem. Roadworks at the main roundabout will be continuing for the next few days. Motorists are advised to allow more time during peak traffic.

Bridges Supports View Against MMP
Simon BridgesTauranga's MP says he'll be voting for a change to MMP in next year's referendum. A recent survey found 38 percent want rid of MMP, 32 percent want it kept, while 26 percent are undecided. The country will have the chance to vote in a referendum at the same time as the next year's election. And Simon Bridges says residents are moving towards a view against MMP - which he supports.

Bus Lane Fines not ‘Revenue Gouging’
Driving in the bus laneThe Tauranga City Council says bus lane fines are anything but a money grabbing scheme. In the year ending June 2010 the Auckland City Council issued just over 41,000 infringement notices, worth almost 6.2 million dollars. It's at stark contrast to Tauranga - only 275 fines have been issued to those inappropriately using the lanes. And Parking Enforcement Officer, Kevin Kelly is refuting claims it's a form of revenue gouging. He says the biggest offenders are those using the bus lanes to turn into driveways.

Posted: Tue 10 Aug 2010






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