Wednesday 14 July 2010

Motorcyclist Killed in Crash
One man was killed after a head on road collision in Tauranga last night. The 53 year old Tauranga man died instantly when the Suzuki Motorbike he was riding collided on a bend with a Ute, travelling the other way. Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says the driver of the Ute suffered minor injuries. He says the cause of the crash is yet to be established.

Cable Fault Causes Power Cut
Nearly 6000 residents were without power yesterday because of a glitch to Powerco's electricity network. Power was cut at around 4.30pm, when supply to the Waihi Road substation was interrupted. Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh, says it was because of a cable fault, but all power was restored via alternative lines just after five. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the cable failure.

Iwi Appeal Against Dredging
Tauranga Harbour EntranceAn application to dredge channels for larger vessels through the Port of Tauranga has been met with resistance. Three appeals have been made by iwi groups Ngati Rangi, Ngapotiki and Ngati Ruahine - which could take legal action. The Port of Tauranga had applied for resource consents to deepen and widen their shipping channels to accommodate larger cargo ships, last year. Property manager Tony Reynish says they're currently going through the appeals, and are doing as much as they can to avoid action through the Environment Court. He says they're unsure yet if they'll meet personally with the affected iwi, but will have some conclusive answers over the next month.

Rare Whale Visits Bay
Sei WhaleWhale watchers have spotted a rare Sei off the coast of Tauranga. The whale, the third largest after the Blue is estimated to be 50 feet long and was seen 2 miles off the coast, near Motiti Island over the weekend. Graeme Butler, who owns a whale watching business in the Bay of Plenty, says it's common at this time of year to see a heap of marine activity off the coast. And he says they're quite easy to look for - the obvious signs are krill and diving petrels on the water. Pictured: A Sei Whale feeding at the surface/Wikipedia

Man Rescued from Harbour Dip
A Whakatane man has been treated for hypothermia, after he was seen floating in the Tauranga harbour yesterday. Described by witnesses as Maori, and in his 30s, the man managed to climb onto rocks near the Dive Crescent docks before collapsing. Commercial Fisherman, Karl Mattock says he seemed confused and had heavy jeans at his ankles while he was swimming. Pictured: Dive Crescent
Cold Snap Good for Kiwifruit
Early morning frosts are doing wonders for kiwifruit growers in the Bay of Plenty. The warmer winter has been detrimental to fruit production. Kiwifruit Growers President Peter Ombler says they require winter chilling to promote flowering before spring. He says some growers are down 20 per cent on production.

Posted: Wed 14 Jul 2010






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