Friday 21 May 2010

Budget Creates Buzz
A mixed reaction locally after yesterdays budget. Chamber of commerce CEO Max Mason says the dropping of the company tax to 28% was a surprise but welcomed by the local business community, putting us in a very competitive situation with Australia. Mr Mason sees the budget as a ‘long term strategic budget’, and expects a spending spree over the next 4 months. Pictured: Max Mason

GST Hike ‘Unjust’
The 15% GST hike announced in the budget yesterday is unjust, according to Vaughan Gunson, co-ordinator of a new ‘campaign for tax justice’. He says the The new GST will increase the pain at the supermarket for grassroots New Zealanders, however removing GST from food, would deliver instant and lasting benefits to the majority of us.


BOP Earthquake Swarm ‘Not Cause for Alarm’
The Bay of Plenty was rocked by around 30 earthquakes yesterday, the biggest measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale. Volcano Surveillance Co-ordinator Brad Scott, says it is all part of ongoing seismic activity, that's been occurring in the Eastern Bay of Plenty since 2005, where more than 6000 earthquakes have been recorded. Mr Scott says the earthquakes are not directly linked to White Island and are not cause for alarm.

Tourism BOP Scores French Contract
Tourism Bay of Plenty has secured a contract to accommodate one thousand french sports fans during next years world rugby cup. The deal booked by a french travel agency will earn the region a quarter of a million dollars.


Change to Bayfair Bus Stop
Bay Hopper buses will not be leaving from outside Bayfair from this Sunday. A new temporary stop in Harris Street will be in place for the next six weeks, whilst building renovations at Bayfair continue.

Posted: Fri 21 May 2010






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