Monday 15 February 2010

NIWA Releases Harbour Sediment Findings
Environment Bay of Plenty has decided to draft a plan to better manage Tauranga Harbour. NIWA's just released its findings into a three year sediment study of the harbour and it appears urban growth hasn't had as big an affect as first thought. Environment Bay of Plenty says sedimentation affects the natural ecosystem and can impact on water flow. NIWA's study has found most of the sediment, 64 percent, has come from pastoral land use, while just 1 percent has come from urban sprawl. The council's now planning ways it can reduce levels, by removing mangroves and growing plants in areas which are fast eroding away.

War on Sea Lettuce
Another major push to clear Tauranga Harbour of sea lettuce. City officials removed 140 tonnes of the algal bloom during the early part of the weekend from the Mount Maunganui main beach area. Already this summer, more than 11 hundred tonnes of sea lettuce has been taken away and re-used as fertiliser. Environment Bay of Plenty spokesman Eddie Grogan, says authorities need to keep on top of the smelly, unsightly weed. Pictured: editor Grant Dyson with a handful of sea lettuce

Key Voted  ‘Hottest Politician’
Tauranga's MP says he's quite happy to play second fiddle to his party leader in a new hottest politician poll. Simon Bridges scored 33 percent of the vote in the latest Durex online survey which asked 700 people who they thought was New Zealand's hottest politician. Mr Bridges says he's not annoyed John Key came in first, with 43 percent of the vote. But he's pretty sure it won't lead to any modelling career. Pictured: Simon Bridges

Drop in Selling Price Puzzles Real Estate Agents
Tauranga real estate agents are scratching their heads at a massive drop in Mount Maunganui's median selling price. According to the latest Real Estate Institute figures, average prices in the area dropped 45 thousand dollars from December to January. The median selling price in Tauranga, on the other hand, jumped 12 thousand dollars. Local Real Estate Institute spokeswoman Sue Hovell can't understand the huge drop at the Mount. She says while beach sales are down a bit, there's still plenty of interest in the first home buyers market.

Number Plate Theft on the Rise
A rise in number plate thefts has left Mount Maunganui police puzzled. Over the past week, there have been seven reported thefts of front number plates at the Mount, and two in Papamoa. Senior Sergeant Tania Kura is pretty sure the plates will have been taken to be used in petrol drive offs. Senior Sergeant Tania Kura is urging anyone with information on the thefts to come forward. In recent months, police throughout the country have reported more number plate thefts as petrol prices climb. Archive photo

Takitimu Drive Roadworks Begin
Motorists who usually use Takitimu Drive are being asked to find another way to and from work. Maintenance work on the stretch between Elizabeth Street and Waihi Road is to get underway this morning. Council staff say the road will be open but there will be delays, especially at peak times.

Posted: Mon 15 Feb 2010






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