Thursday 21 January 2010

Sorry Campers - Downpour Forecast
MetService has delivered bad news for holidaymakers in the Bay of Plenty. An easterly front moving through will produce heavy rain and thunderstorms, with up to 90 millimetres of rain in the ranges. The rains will bring welcome relief for farmers hit by the ongoing dry spell, but campers and trampers are being cautioned that rivers and streams may rise rapidly. MetService forecaster Heath Gullery says it'll probably keep raining throughout the morning, easing off towards the afternoon as the front moves away.

'Home Alone' Court Appearance
A Tauranga woman's been charged with leaving five children home alone in the care of the oldest. Police visited the woman's home on Monday night, acting on a tip-off. They found the children aged from two years old, in the care of the oldest, a nine year old boy. A spokesman says it’s not clear where the 26 year old mother was, but she wasn't at her work. She was arrested yesterday and charged with leaving under 14 year olds without adequate supervision. She's to appear in court today.

Bridges: 3 Strikes Law 'Good Deterrent'
Tauranga MP Simon Bridges believes the three strikes law will act as a significant deterrent to criminals. The proposed law would see repeat violent offenders given maximum sentences on their third offence. Simon Bridges, a former Crown prosecutor, says he hopes and thinks that criminals warned a second time, will modify their behaviour. He says the law would be harsh but deal with the worst repeat offenders, not petty thieves and minor offenders. Pictured: Simon Bridges

Mayor Applauds Pyes Pa Bypass Moves
Tauranga's Mayor is hailing the moves to complete the Pyes Pa bypass next month, for the safety improvements it will bring. A contract has been awarded for the remaining four kilometres of the 51 million dollar project. Mayor Stuart Crosby says it will make Pyes Pa Road safer by removing traffic from the residential section of Pyes Pa Road. It will also help the economies of Tauranga and Rotorua, by providing a seamless flow of traffic from the Mount, through Route K and onto Pyes and Rotorua via State Highway 36. The 8.4 million dollar contract to construct the final 4 kilometres of the bypass has gone to HEB Construction. Photo courtesy SmartTransport

Posted: Thu 21 Jan 2010






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