Tuesday 15 December 2009

Kaimai Accident Victim Named
Police have named the 31 year old man who died after he accidentally drove his 4WD vehicle off a lookout in the Kaimais, late Saturday night. He was Bevan John Reeves from Beachlands, near Papakura. He'd been with a group of others who were camping near the summit of Thompson's Track. Investigators say it appears alcohol was a major factor in the crash, and that Mr Reeves might have survived the impact if he'd been wearing a seatbelt.

Median House Prices Lag
The Real Estate Institute says median house prices around the country have more than doubled over the past ten years, but locally it's a different story. Median sale prices in Tauranga and the Mount rose an average of about twenty thousand dollars in the past five years, and they were up about twenty-five percent in the rural Western Bay for the same period. The figures only apply to property sales, they don't reflect property values as such.

Gall Mite to Fight Pest Plant
There's a new biological weapon to help control the spread of Broom. Broom is an aggressive pest plant that's well established in parts of inland Bay of Plenty. Environment BOP is introducing the broom gall mite in efforts to bring the plant pest under control. Senior plant pest officer John Mather says it's part of a wider weed control programme. He says it greatly reduces the need for herbicide, and that's a huge cost saving for farmers, and it's easier on the environment. Pictured: Broom

Local Cafe in New Travel Guide
A Tauranga cafe features in a new kiwi travel book, with a twist. Auckland based writer Nicola McCloy has put together 'The Great Kiwi Vege Road Trip', highlighting vegetarian eateries from around the country. The book has nearly 100 delicious recipes, including a black bean, avocado and orange salad from the Alimento Cafe in First Avenue. The book also includes travel advice on what to see and do in each region. Pictured: Alimento Cafe

Posted: Tue 15 Dec 2009






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