BoTCom Mid-Month Catch Up - July 2007

G’day from a chilly-winds-grey-skies Tauranga. Oh come on, harden up! There’s still plenty to do around the traps. Here’s our usual mid-month catch on up some coming events, and additions to BoTCom. 
While we love to go roaming the hills and beaches here at BoTCom, it’s fun to hunker down and indulge in some enjoyable stuff on our doorstep of the hot and sultry variety. Tauranga isn’t known as a Kiwi hot pools capital but it should be. Next newsletter we tour local hot pools, mineral saltwater, etc and give you our tips on the best places to go for a soak.   

New Online

New Pages – Where to Live in the Western Bay of Plenty   
To meet the needs of the many wanna-be migrants surfing our pages (BoTCom is now read by people in over 50 countries with Britons and Australians among the biggest groups), we’ve added real estate pages to our Welcome to Tauranga section. Western Bay Real Estate – Where to Live – provides an overview of the local real estate scene. You’ll find useful background information on the characteristics of different urban areas and towns, and general information on the style of housing and prices. We also provide links to dig deeper into all sorts of housing information in various websites. Locals who’re thinking of moving house will find it useful too.

‘In-coming Wounded!’ Wasn’t that what they put over the camp intercom in M.A.S.H. when the choppers came thudding in from the battlefields?  Not before time, we’ve added Mount Maunganui-based Kiwi Kopters’ unique M.A.S.H. chopper to our aviation mix. You’ll find information on these flyguys in the Flying section of Things to Do. (If you really want to wallow in nostalgia over the M.A.S.H. show, go to:


Sharpen Your Taste Buds for Wild Food
Are you game for a culinary adventure? We’re talking seriously ‘wild’ food here… 
The country’s longest-running beer and wild food festival will be on again at Tauranga restaurants from 22nd July to 12th August. The Monteith’s Beer & Wild Food Challenge calls for participating restaurants to create a ‘culinary sensation’ using a range of wild food (Defined as anything that’s not traditionally raised on a farm). Recipes must be expertly matched to one of the Monteith’s family of six classic beers.  Ten ‘best-of-the-best’ local restaurants are invited to take part, including Astrolabe, Bravo, Coyotes, Latitude 37 and Wharf Street.  Wild pork, venison, seafood, even crocodile, are the sort of foods you’ll encounter.  

Café Versaille’s a Winner
It’s not in BoTCom for nothing, so we’re pleased to see Tauranga’s Café Versaille snap up Best Café Award for the Bay of Plenty region. The Café Magazine awards are handed out annually, and this was their take on picturesque Versaille, at 107 Grey Street:

What a great little French café is Versailles. In the city’s CBD it’s a genuine taste of France, giving you the flavour of Paris. Run by a French family with French staff it’s great for brunch, lunch or dinner…everything from croissants which they make themselves to Duck galantine with truffles. There’s a good choice of wines, and they make a good cup of coffee which goes well with one of the very good omelettes. Café Versailles is definitely worth a visit, especially on the nights when they feature a touch of French cabaret.  

The runner-up was much-awarded Sidetrack Café on Marine Parade at Mount Maunganui. (You’ll have to travel some to get to the overall winner…the ‘remarkable coastal café’ at Moeraki in North Otago, Fleur’s Place).

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