Best of Tauranga Newsletter - March 2007

We’re on the World-wide Web…Where the Hell Have you Been?

Not very original, but now we have your attention - welcome to Best of Tauranga’s (BoTCom’s) first newsletter! (aka BoTCom) is the first comprehensive, locally-owned and independent, world-wide guide to Tauranga and the wider Western Bay. Our simple aim is ‘views and reviews of everything that’s great in the Western Bay.’

The site is a natural spin-off from The Best of Tauranga the first independent guide book to the booming Western Bay. The insider’s guide was launched in November 2005, to critical acclaim from reviewers. It was variously described as ‘a little gem, a bible of information,’ and ‘long overdue.’

With there is no need to trawl site after site - when you can get a grand overview of where to eat, shop, go adventuring, whatever, right here. We’ve done the hard graft and wrapped the relevant information into ten punchy sections. We’ve munched and sipped our way through cafes and restaurants risking heart disease, alcoholism and other hazards – just to bring you the real oil. We’ve hiked the hills (well some of them) , walked the boardwalks, paddled the harbour and ridden the waves. It’s been hard...

There has been ‘serious’ research too; we’ve gathered the recommendations of our ‘insiders,’ and kept a watchful eye on reviews, awards, and other accolades to bring you our selection of activities, restaurants, accommodation (and useful information).

Our message is Think Local, when it comes to getting reliable, up to date information. Whether you’re a resident of Leafy Lane in Oropi, a would-be immigrant from East Grinstead, or an expatriate Tauranga-ite living in Nairobi, we reckon you’re better off surfing BoTCom to get clued up on what’s happening here - than plowing through certain expensive hard copy guides (Some can’t even spell Mauao right).

How the Site Works...

Every month, the website will Spotlight one of the district’s great attractions or adventures. The Newsletter will also point to terrific things up and coming. We will also highlight local food and wine happenings, and try and focus on the Offbeat…the whimsical or absurd out there (lighten-up, for God’s sake).

‘Why should we keep coming back?’ We knew you’d ask that -cynical buggers. For a start, unlike some, we’ll be regularly updating our site, as new folk bravely dip their toes in the water and launch new businesses, etc. On that score, please send us your press releases, scribbles on paper napkins, blogs, etc: We want to hear from you. We also want feedback from the wining (no, not whining!) and dining public at large. Have you visited a terrific eatery we haven’t stumbled across, for example? Let us know…

There is another carrot to get you fickle folk coming back - the chance to win stuff. We’ll have a monthly draw with tickets to local attractions etc on offer. Just click on Win!! And follow instructions.

A giant, two-storey barge has been turning motorist’s heads near the Tauranga Harbour Bridge. The "pig ugly" barge, reportedly purchased from the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland, is to be the raw material for a multi-million revamp of Coronation Pier on the Tauranga waterfront. The knockers are already in action, but we say look at the track record of the businessman behind the scheme. Mark Scapens had the singular guts and vision to snap up the historic Devonport ferry and bring it to Tauranga – where it’s a unique floating restaurant/tourist attraction. We say reserve your skeptical comments and give Mark and the council a chance. Mark Scapens is calling for expressions of interest from those who want space in the floating commercial development: Visit (you could have Tauranga’s first ‘undersea’ restaurant) or contact Mark Scapens on (07) 571-4350 or

We have heard of weight just ‘falling off’ people…

Happy surfing…and again, please give us your thoughts on the site and any suggestions – click on Contact Us to provide feedback on - anything great you’ve seen or done in the Western Bay, comment on a bar or restaurant, or submit info on a new one you’ve found, etc. We’ll flick the odd blog or quoteable quote into our newsletter.


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Posted: Thu 01 Mar 2007






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