BoTCom Catch-Up - November 2007

Book Online with Stay in the Bay
BoTCom has taken a huge step forward – we are now offering realtime, online accommodation bookings.  With our new system you can make an immediate booking easily - and pay for it as well. No more clunky boxes to fill out that are emailed to a tourist provider, or emails back and forth.

We have entered a partnership with Vianet, a leader in online booking systems for the tourist industry, to provide this facility. The addition of Vianet booking tools means we can offer a lot more to travellers who surf our site, before coming to Tauranga. 

The booking tools are easy to use. You’ll find Google-style maps of the district on our accommodation pages. Click on a flag and you will access a page full of information on say, a motel. There is a complete rundown on the motel’s facilities, and other details. A ‘book now’ calendar at the bottom of the page, complete with prices, allows you – the user - to make an on the spot booking. 

Check out our map on the accommodation page and have a little play with the system. Local residents, please tell your friends and relations who are coming to visit. Our online bookings mean all you overseas folk can also better plan your holiday or visit.

As promised, in Spotlight  you’ll find the results of our latest road trip – all the way north to ‘New Zealand’s heart of gold,’ Waihi, where big things are happening. Waihi is re-inventing itself to make the most of a history based on gold – finding it, mining it, etc. A short drive away, is Waihi Beach, one of those truly archetypal Kiwi holiday spots. The Auckland-style beach house does exist here but ancient, picturesque baches survive as well – telling a creaky story of beach holidays in gentler times. But did you know that the humble township of Waihi Beach has some seriously good, award-winning food (and a holiday park that is in a class of its own)? 

Also in Spotlight, we home in on a brand new attraction we think you’ll like. Waimarino Adventure Park has come up with a first – launching the Wairoa River Boat Cruise from its idyllic base on the slow-moving river near Bethlehem. Ever enthusiastic owner Blair Anderson says the 11 metre long, aluminium pontoon boat, is a ‘nice way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life – and relax.’ You’ll see Tauranga farms, bush and wildlife from a different, intriguing angle, and hear some Maori legends.

And whether you are into ‘boy’s toys’ or a history buff, we heartily recommend the Tauranga Military Collection – the latest addition to a cluster of great things to do at Tauranga Airport. This collection is far bigger than we expected, with all sorts of U.S. and British militaria, from grenades and 25-pounder guns to an American U.S. Army staff car – an elegant Buick Straight 8, to be precise.

Posted: Thu 01 Nov 2007






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