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The website is brilliant! Easy to navigate, bright and colourful, and with so much information that it held my attention for ages. Well done! Can’t wait to be there.
Sue, UK

The site is wonderful. I am going to email to all of my cousins in Australia, Scotland, England, Canada and USA.
Margie, Tauranga

This is the first time I've logged on and I think the site is fantastic, really does justice to our wonderful city.
Margaret, Tauranga

Thank you to all who worked on this project for a wonderful profile of our beautiful place to live. About time we have something beautiful to send overseas. Well done!
Lynette, Tauranga

The site is a wealth of knowledge not only for locals but for potential Kiwis looking to relocate to the region and obviously people like us emigrating.
Steve, Britain

It looks terrific! You are doing Tauranga a brilliant service.
Sarah, Wellington

Your Best of Tauranga book and website will be our travel companions in the Bay of Plenty.
Cindy Bigras,

Dude, that is awesome!!
Jason, Sydney

Great web site, I have just arrived back to Tauranga after living in Australia for the last 8 yrs. This web site is great to keep me informed on all things new and old. Good work guys!
Rachel NZ

Wow this is good, I have gone through about half an hour of good reading and I'll be back to browse some more. Oh my, I want to go back to see it all again, that is - the real country. I really liked the casual conversational tone ( if you can call that in written work).
Hazel, Canada

It is a very cool website and (I think) has just about everything. I have forwarded it to all my friends so hopefully you will get a few more hits from here and o/seas.
Janet, Tauranga

Hi there, saw the pics of & around Tauranga and we made up our minds to visit NZ a 6th time next year and especially the Tauranga area. We love touring around by car and stay at B&B or motels where we like it. The people are so friendly.
Uwe, Germany

Love the new web site. I got to see the places I visited a few years ago with my sister who lives in Tauranga .I will be back soon.
Gerald, Canada

Wow, don't you sleep, this is awesome. It's got everything. Have added it to favourites already and am forwarding to local friends plus overseas friends so I can skite about where I live. You have done a great job portraying Tga. That's why we call it the BAY OF PLENTY ah!
Janet, Tauranga

Fantastic. Not only have you created a website that is visually exciting (love the images and colour) but is also packed full of really interesting, relevant and helpful information. Thank You!
Fiona, Tauranga

Love the website ...very useful for our oversees visitors! Thanks!
Heritage-House, Katikati

Look foward to Best of Tauranga newsletter each month, keep up the good work.
Margaret, Tauranga





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